Mascot Workwear – outdoor assault course test

In yet another quest to test your workwear to the extreme, Jonathan Cole and Simon Harrington grab the latest Mascot range and head to an outdoor assault course in Hertfordshire.
Perhaps an assault course on a sunny, wet afternoon isn’t the first place you would expect to find Mascot’s latest range of workwear – but it proved to be a great place to test it. Pulling on our Vagos T-shirt, Almada trousers and Tavira Pilot jacket we took to the course, ready to tackle any obstacle it could throw at us!

After taking on tunnels, inclines and slaloms we found that every scrape associated with the assault course was absorbed with ease. The jacket proved to be extremely hard-wearing and practical – especially when the heavens opened! The real star of the show, however, was the Vagos t-shirt. When building up a sweat, as you often do on site, the specially designed material ensured that we remained comfortable. All in all, the range more than did its job on the course and will undoubtedly deliver on site.

Tavira Pilot Jacket
In the unpredictable British weather, you need to ensure that the jacket you are wearing can cope with everything that will be thrown at it. On the course we got to see first-hand how the Tavira Pilot coped against the wind and rain, and it has to be said – it did pretty well. The jacket’s waterproof properties combined with taped seams, fastening cuffs and quilt lining was enough to ensure that the wind and rain stayed well away, whilst we stayed toasty warm!
Almada Trousers
When it came to the trousers we were wearing on the course, we wanted the perfect blend of practicality and comfort – which is exactly what you need on site. With an abundance of pockets, Cordura reinforced knees and a hammer strap; the Almada work trousers certainly met all our practicality needs; but what about comfort? Well, the manufacturer’s use of breathable fabric meant that we didn’t over-heat and the use of hard-wearing material ensured we didn’t sustain any scrapes or bruises – with a boot cut design, they even looked pretty stylish!
Vagos T-Shirt
For us, this t-shirt really held its own on the assault course and proved how invaluable a moisture-wicking polo shirt can be. As we built up a sweat tackling various obstacles, the MascoDry wicking system dispelled moisture from the body and kept us from becoming victim to the discomfort and chafing of skin irritations.
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