Quilt is purpose built

Do you work in cold environments or in situations where hygiene is important?


Then you know how important proper clothing is during the workday. If you are in need of high quality insulated work wear for your job, here are some things to consider.

Warmth, durability and washability

Keeping safe and warm are two things that anyone deserves during their work day, our quilted product range are items sure to keep anyone warm and safe. Our quilted lining fabric is prefect for jobs involving cool storage traffic or chillier outdoor climates, and especially those in the food industry. They are made for comfort and durability. What’s more most items have additional fabric that covers vulnerable areas such as kidneys for extra warmth and added protection.

Unlike other quilted products on the market our quilt is not stitched, it is welded. This lasts much longer than stitched quilt, making the product not only last longer but saves you money by not needing to replace it as quickly.

Work in the food/ hygiene industry? In need of washing your clothing regularly?

Our white quilted garments are particularly suited to the food/hygiene industry as they can be washed up to 95 degrees. This makes them ideal for intense washing and laundering conditions. Bringing them back to white, wash after wash. Furthermore it is possible to tumble dry all products.

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